Friday, July 11, 2008

Grandma's Trip to Centerville and KCMO 2008

Water Balloon Fight
Sara and Brynn

Chloe, Hunter and Bridger

Hunters Bedroom....Swim Meet Cuddle

Alexis, Kelcie and Brooke
(after the water fight, still friends)

What a wonderful time I have enjoyed with my family this past three weeks! I stayed with Cheryl's girls while she and Boyd went to Europe for two weeks and just had a blast with them!They are such good girls and took great care of Grandma while I was there. We ate lots of candy, played "Mexican Train", and enjoyed the swim meets. Altogether, I would jump at the chance to do it again. I stayed with Mel and Curtis on the way there and back. I brought a bunch of water balloons and we had a blast soaking each other and some of the neighborhood kids too! I always have so much fun with my sweet girls; they are so fun to goosh and play games with. Brynn and Sara always kill me at the "Match Game" and Kelcie swims like a fish. I also got to see Brooke and Taylor, and Alexis. Mel and Curtis always take such good care of me and anyone else I drag in too. Thank you my girls and my perfect grandgirls for such a sweet time; I will cherish the memories of this trip for a long time. Mel uploaded these pictures for me tonight and I will drive home tomorrow. It would almost be unbearable to go, but they will all be at my house in a couple of weeks for our reunion. I have missed Daddy so much and am so grateful for the wings he gives me to fly! I am so blessed and I love my family so much!!!!