Friday, June 6, 2008

Budd and Faelela, 62 years...

Yesterday I called and wished my parents a happy 62nd anniversary. My mom was asleep and probably won't remember that it was a special day, but my dad was there taking care of her, just as he has for 62 years. My grandmother, Thurza, told him that she was so relieved that Faelela had chosen to marry him because she knew that my dad would always take care of her. He loved my grandma like his own mother, and so he has always taken care of mom, in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer, he is still there taking care of her. I am grateful to them for choosing to marry in the temple, for being born in the covenant, and for being raised in the gospel. I know the angels are helping my dad take care of mom now. Happy anniversary Budd and Faelela.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Shhhh-Tonia is 36!!!

We celebrated Tonia's birthday today even though she won't be 36 until Saturday. She and I were supposed to meet at Abby's but then Derek jumped in the canal and we called it off, so I called Tonia P. to meet me for a quick burger before I left town, but Tonia changed her mind and decided to come, so we all ended up at McDonald's at Walmart, and had a blast for almost 2 hours!! When I left the store, the greeter in the foyer told me he never saw so much laughter and fun and thought we were never going to leave. That was the cheapest, funnest, and silliest birthday lunch ever,but I so love getting together with my girls. I told Tonia not to punish Derek because I jumped in Dixie Creek next to Corvallis High when I was his age, and if I had not, Cheryl, Melanie, and Tonia P. would not be here today. That story I will tell another time. Happy birthday Tonia!!!!