Friday, October 31, 2008

Dad is 63 !!!

We celebrated Dad's birthday last night with Tonia's family . I served his requested dinner; chicken enchiladas, salad, and fudge cake with homemade ice cream. He really enjoyed the cards and gifts from everyone, and especially loved hearing Tonia play her violin for him. She is so talented, and did so many other thoughtful things to make his birthday special. He also got to talk a little politics with Cassandra. it was a very special evening!! Happy birthday Dad!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Hunter's Blessing

What a wonderful trip Dad and I took to Centerville to attend Hunter Dawn's Patriarchal Blessing. Her great-grandpa Argyle who is a Patriarch, was able to give her the blessing. It was a very sacred experience, and she is a beautiful granddaughter, both inside and out. We enjoyed visiting with Grandpa Argyle and Jim, who were up from Arizona, Cheryl and Hunter who flew in from Kansas City, Alexis, who was down from Rexburg, Brooke and Taylor, who joined us from Sandy, and Melanie and Curtis and kids whose beautiful home we all gathered to. This was truly a spiritual and sweet experience in every way and I am so grateful to have been able to travel there, stay in such a welcoming home, and share time with some of my precious family. I didn't even mind the snowstorm and some winter driving returning home. All of us were protected and arrived home safely. I am so grateful for my many blessings!!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Olive Garden Euphoria!!!

Today I had lunch with Tonia, Tonia, and Max at Quiznos for my birthday. I got spoiled rotten. I got to eat my favorite sub, (a steakhouse dip combo), and boston cream cake with a 29 on it!! I laughed my head off at Tonia's card, ( I do belong in a circus), and got a gift card to Olive Garden -YUM! Lunch was her treat and we all enjoyed it mucho! Tonia gave me "Euphoria" by Calvin Klein! It is awesome! I had never smelled it before, and I just love it. See what I mean about being spoiled? When I got home, the mailbox was full of goodies too! Thank you girls for your generous and thoughtful gifts - I feel so loved and I love you so much!!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Travis' visit...

We were so pleased to have a visit from Travis who is here visiting from Guam. He came to see us this last weekend, riding down here from Lebanon with his mom, Louis, and Mike. He and Mike spent Saturday evening and Sunday with us, but Mike had to work Monday, so he went back with his mom and Travis stayed with us until Tuesday morning. He and Dad went up to Crater Lake on Monday, (he had never seen it), and then we drove him back to Lebanon yesterday. It was just awesome to see him and spend time getting all caught up. The ride to the valley was beautiful; the leaves are all turning color on the Willamette Pass, but it sure took all day long! Travis is so-o-o-o funny, and he can really play the guitar!! (He plays a mean Pink Floyd). We had a little incident after a nice big breakfast Sunday that will be the fodder for jokes for a long time to come. I was placing the jam back in the fridge next to a full one gallon jar of orange juice, when I heard a littrle pop and a silver-dollar size piece of glass broke out of the jar, and the orange juice sprayed out like a geyser all over the entire inside of the fridge. It was all over every item in there as well as shelves, drawers, under the fridge - EVERYWHERE- sticky, gooey juice!!! They all three pitched in and completely tore the fridge apart washing every shelf, drawer, and even the shelf clips inside the fridge and every item. It took all of us over an hour to clean up the carnage. We had to roll the fridge out and clean under it too, as well as wash all the floors and counter etc. I have never made such a mess in my life!! They were such good sports - I would've collapsed if that had happened and I had no help. There have been several orange juice jokes already and I'm sure a lot more to come. Right after I finished that mess, I went out to check on my chickens. As I stepped into the pen, I almost stepped on a skunk - IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY IN THE PEN!! I screamed "don't spray me" and he took off running. I yelled for Dad to bring out the gun, but he had disappeared. Luckily no chickens had been harmed and I was not sprayed. The next couple of nights involved trapping skunks, I don't think Travis will ever quite recover form that. He thinks we should use the spray to win the Iraq war. He came in both mornings the color of green. It was so wonderful to visit with the boys and have that much time with Travis. We love them so much, and can't wait for Travis' new baby girl this December. I HAVE THE CLEANEST FRIDGE IN NORTH AMERICA!!!